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Georg Breydy (CEO): former manager of a German private equity company he participated in all phases of numerous projects in Europe and Asia with project volumes of up to €200m. Georg holds  the M.A. of  Cologne Univ. and  MBA Int. Management of ESB Reutlingen, with a special focus on int. marketing and is member of the board of German-Russian business Alliance (Deutsch-Russische Wirtschaftsallianz e.V.).

Alexander Weingarten (CFO) studied Petroleum Geology and Business Administration at Cologne & Adelaide Univ., worked as field engineer for a Schlumberger in US and North Africa.  Alex was responsible for establishing a new base on the Algeria/Tunisia border area with a budget of USD 8m. He is the CCAA specialist for technology, project  budget & analysis and solutions for the energy industry.

CCAA is supported by its advisory board and a network of experts, most of them int. experts on certain industries and former senior managers of German and Russian industry, i.e. Mannesmann.   For details and specific project enquiries please contact us at any time.